Crystals for Psychic Self Protection

Have you ever felt a sudden energy drain? As in a sudden, unexpected feeling of fatigue or invasion?  What about a sense incessant thoughts that don't feel like your own?  

Quite often, these can be symptoms of picking up other people's energy or even psychic attack. When we are aware of our energy, we have a baseline of our mood, physical energy, and emotional and mental energies.  Think of a baseline or a benchmark. You basically know how it feels to be in and operate from your own space.  However, that space can become compromised and that is why there is a need for psychic self-protection. 

In my Crystals for Psychic Self Protection and Space Clearing Meetup class, I'll be covering a variety of different ways to protect oneself on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Yet today, I want to share one of my favorite forms of protection and that is with the use of crystals. 

Following is a listing of my favorite crystals for psychic self-protection and space clearing.  Read them over and see which ones resonate with you. Maybe pick a handful and begin working with them to see how the best work with your needs and energy field.  

Best Crystals to Have in Your Psychic Self Protection Toolkit 

  • Black Tourmaline - boomerangs ill wishes; protects against negativity, psychic attacks, electromagnetic and geopathic stress
  • Labradorite - protective stone; assists with the opening of intuition; aids in maintaining a connection with the Divine
  • Jet - clears internalized energies - especially for empaths
  • Fluorite - cloaks your energy signature to avoid the effects of sorcery, psychic attack, or curses
  • Blue kyanite - assists you in keeping head and heart free of worry and anxious thoughts
  • Black Obsidian - Protects from fixation, sorcery, and ill fortune-
  • Apache Tear - Transmutes negative energy
  • Amazonite - protector against electromagnetic stress
  • Amber - cleanses the aura and draws energies down through your body
  • Amethyst - safely assist accessing higher dimensions
  • Celestite - assist in connecting with your Guardian angels and highest vibration
  • Rose Quartz - heart healing - love is the highest vibration of all
  • Selenite - clearing and protective; great multi-use stone; ideal for gridding and grounding
  • Smokey Quartz - cleanser of negative energy; ideal for gridding and grounding

Bonus Crystals for your toolkit:

  • Clear Quartz - most universal stone - amplifies energy, cleanses it; assist in creating a protective barrier to negative energies
  • Rutilated Quartz - provides an energy shield, cleanses space, and draws off negativity of any kind; great for “pivoting” and disposes of fears and fosters a positive outlook
  • Jasper - great for energizing, de-stressing and blocking environmental pollution

Crystals Clearing and Protecting Your Space

  • Energy Clearing: black tourmaline, Calcite (any color but clear works best for this) jet, moldavite, smoky quartz, sugilite, tourmaline quartz
  • Energy Shielding and Protection: apache tear, blue kyanite, black obsidian, black tourmaline, fluorite, jet, labradorite, spirit quartz

Crystals for Home Gridding

  • Selenite
  • Clear quartz

Best Crystals to Have in Your Psychic Toolkit for Work / Office Environments

  • Amethyst - protects; draws in spiritual energy; calming
  • Aventurine - protects against electromagnetic and geopathic stress
  • Black Tourmaline - protects against negativity; turns back crime and ill will
  • Bloodstone - stimulates the immune system
  • Labradorite - protects and raises the vibrations
  • Malachite - protector stone and protects against radiation
  • Selenite - protects and draws in spiritual energy

Specific work stones:

  • Blue Lace Agate - communication; restores harmony
  • Orange carnelian - upbeat energy - energizes
  • Smokey quartz - protector against other people’s energies
  • Sodalite - great for promoting positive group energy; assist with “sick building syndrome” and absorbing energies of fluorescent bulbs

What others would you add to the list? And, how do you use these powerful gems to protect you? If you need a quick fix of protection, check out my Crystal Healing Bag for Protection.  It may not have all the crystals you need but it will get you by in a jam! 

In the meantime, may you be safe. May you be well! Blessings!