Crystal Healing Wrap Bracelets/Necklaces for Blessings, Prosperity, and Success

Sometimes, when I look at crystals it reminds me of my youth. The fanciful thoughts of magic and sparkle fill my imagination and an image of a brilliant treasure chest filled with beautiful gems that sparkle, shine, and shimmer in the light come to mind.

The very thought of that causes me to float off into a world of wonder and curiosity where magic exists and hopes and dreams manifest with ease. While my fanciful thoughts of childhood fade away, I am reminded that the beautiful healing crystals possess these powerful healing and manifestation properties. Granted, they are not miracle workers; yet, crystals, when combined with clear intent and backed with inspired action, aid in creating the miracles and the magic we seek in our lives.

is there a way to bring this magic into our day to day lives? Can we experience the gentle flow of healing energies throughout the day?

Yes, absolutely! One way is to wear them. Certain stones vibrate at certain rates to assist with certain ailments or intentions that we would like to create. With the help of naturally energetic gemstones and/or the energy of symbols, your bracelets can also be a wonderful way to carry, invite, and foster the kind of energy you want to surround yourself with throughout the day. With that said, what might be some suggested items for manifesting blessings, prosperity, and success? Check out a few of our favorite gemstone wrap and stackable bracelets

  • Jade - Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace.  Jade is a stone of dreams. Promotes deep and restful sleep. Encourages harmony in relationships. Symbolizes growth and vitality. Brings good luck.
  • Pyrite - Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace. Pyrite is a stone of positive energy. Creates positive thinking and releases negativity. Brings about personal growth and success. Empowers the wearer to overcome anything. 
  • Ocean Agate - Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklace. Ocean Agate is a stone of plentitude. Brings abundance and fullness to life. Stabilizing and strengthening. Promotes perseverance and patience. 

Try one, two, or a combination of these wrap gemstone bracelets.  And here's a bonus for you. If you've been reading accurately, then you may have noticed that each of these items doubles as a necklace.  Score! You are right! They do!   

So indulge in your delights. Invite sparkle and healing into your life with these lovely beauties!