Crystal Healing Bags of Abundance to Enhance Your Manifestation Process

Gemstones, crystals, rocks - whatever you call them, they are beautiful! They are fun to gaze at, hold in your hand, shine up into the light and ponder the wisdom within each of them.  

Crystals are beautiful rock formations that have amazed humans for thousands of years. They are used for many different things including decoration, setting a personal altar or sacred space, manifestation, and meditation. 

They can be used for calming, grounding, or assisting with other emotional states.  And a favorite use of crystals is for the purpose of manifesting.  Different stones offer different vibrational energies and therefore, different healing or manifestation properties.  And, different stones, when combined together and aligned with clear intent, offer a synergistic combination.  

So what does this mean exactly?  Briefly, when you want to create or manifest something in your life, there are countless ways to do that. One way to support your creative process is to set your clear intention and pair it with a crystal healing bag.  

As an example, say you're feeling a financial pinch. Or, you want to book a vacation or purchase an item that seems out of reach for you financially right now. A first step in the creative process would be to get very clear on what exactly you would like to manifest.  Using the vacation idea, getting clear on those details would be the desired dates, location, those taking the vacation with you, a realistic range of the cost for travel, hotel, food, spending. You might even spend some time using creative visualization to envision what you might be wearing, eating, or doing during your vacation. 

While doing this, it's handy to have a crystal healing bag for abundance nearby. Hold the stones in your hand while you are visioning or meditating.  Place the bag on your desk at work along with a picture of your vacation destination as a reminder of your creative manifestation process.  Just before bed at night, spend some time looking at each stone thinking about your desired vacation experience.  

For fun, you might even cut out small images of your vacation destination and place them in your bag. Or place the currency of the country in which you plan to visit. Do whatever makes you happy, inspired, and keeps your thoughts aligned with the expectation of good coming your way.  

To support you in your manifestation process, we offer little crystal healing bags. A favorite for manifesting things, trips, and "stuff" is our crystal healing bag for abundance.  The bag includes these stones: Green Aventurine, Citrine, Green Moss Agate, Gold Tiger Eye, and Clear Quartz. 

Keep in mind, manifesting abundance means more than manifesting things.  Things themselves don't necessarily bring joy and happiness. The creative process and the culminated experience of that process does.  As an example, experiencing the vacation is where the joy happens....not just in having the funds to do so. 

Experiment with the crystal healing bags in your creative process.  Invite abundance, prosperity, wealth into your life with these powerful and delightful crystal healing bags.