Claim Your Energy from Energy Vampires

Do you feel like someone is "stealing" your energy?  You may be right. And there are countless ways in which we give our energy to others and how they may take it.

Yet, when it feels "off" there is an opportunity to explore how we are giving our energy away and perhaps, not setting appropriate boundaries. Sure, it's easy to blame others when we feel violated, taken advantage of, or when there is conflict. We may claim that others are stealing or taking away our energy. There may be some truth to that. And, you know what? Coming from this place of being is really an opportunity to look at where you are giving your energy away.

It's a distinction between feeling empowered versus feeling victimized.
If you are feeling victimized or that you don't have a choice or power in a situation, notice it. What trade-offs are you getting out of this way of being?

To feel empowered in the situation invites accountability and responsibility. That also means not blaming and judging. Sometimes giving that up can feel hard.

Some steps to help get clear on when you are giving your energy away and move towards empowerment are:

  • Refrain from people-pleasing
  • Decline invitations with a simple thank you and no explanation
  • Give up feeling guilty for other people's reactions; and ask for what you need


There are gems of information and healing waiting for you to discover in this experience!

Dig deep, have courage, and see what presents itself!

Be well! Blessings! 💕