Being Human We Want Two Things: To Be Seen. To Be Heard.

To be seen and heard are two basic and fundamental needs of being human.
And when we are not heard or seen, it hurts. As children, we may have wanted to be seen by our parents and not received that. As adults, we may be re-experiencing that and feeling the suffering, loss, grief, conflict, and associated struggles surrounding not being seen. Maybe it's showing up in your relationships? Or at work?

Regardless of its expression, there are ways to heal. Healing doesn't have to come from our parents, our partners, or others. It can come from within and with the help of Spirit. Just by having awareness of the issue and self-parenting by giving yourself the acknowledgment and self-validation you are seeking, you can feel heard and seen by yourself.

Ask Spirit to help you and to show you the way. Consider taking up an appreciation and gratitude journal acknowledging yourself for all that you appreciate about who you are.   Embrace the journey of self-discovery. And, as a gentle reminder, if you need a little help, an energy healing session is just a click away. No doubt you'll gain insights and feel better about your path forward.  Be well! 🌺