Acceptance Is A Way Through Fear

It's a given these are challenging times. The uncertainty is pushing many of our buttons. Whether that is showing up as financial, survival, relationship or other triggers, at a minimum, most likely you may be feeling unsettled.

For me, the different experiences come in waves. I've noticed with each trigger, there is an opportunity to accept what is, rather than fight it. And in acceptance, I've noticed a space of curiosity opening. Asking questions and being curious about how to do things differently. Or innovating in some way. It feels fresh and hopeful compared to fear-based feelings of lack and disempowerment.

Today, if you notice yourself feeling triggered, I invite you to step back from the feeling a little and see what approaching it from a different perspective offers you. Explore a little and see if there is a way to accept what is, while also being open to more.

Let me know what you find out.