3 Healing Products to Ground Spiritual Practices into Your Daily Life

Do you get flashes of insights into things you want to do or habits you want to change? I’m talking about the insights where you might see an inspirational Instagram message and decide to set aside more time daily for self-care. Or, you read a Facebook post and decide to start a meditation practice. At that moment, you are fully committed and ready! And then, life gets in the way. All those good, inspiring intentions and desires seem to fall by the wayside. It’s frustrating.

But, it doesn’t have to be! Sure, change may take time to shift ingrained habits or routines, but by anchoring a couple of new habits into your daily routine, you can pave the way for even greater shifts later. Here are three suggestions to ground your spiritual practices into your daily life.

Each morning, set aside 5 minutes for yourself. Pick a special place of your home that you can sit comfortably and not be distracted or disturbed.

  1. Light a candle. Hold the intention that this is a quiet, reflective time for yourself. Breath. Inhale the aroma of the candle, let your mind relax and allow your body to feel at ease. A favorite candle to help to do just this is our TruMelange Wild Lavender Candle. It’s a favorite because it is 100% non-GMO soy candle and made with 100% pure essential oils. As a bonus, it is presented in a reusable Spanish recycled jar and has a natural cork lid so it can be used to hold treasured items once it is used.
  2. Once you are settled in, connect with yourself and your spirit. Using the I Am Divine card deck, ask for daily guidance. If you are unfamiliar with this lovely card deck, you can use it to affirm your Divine nature in every day. It is beautifully illustrated and filled with wise guidance for daily spiritual reflection and healing. After asking your question, reflect upon the card you selected. Each card is beautifully illustrated to reflect the inherent energy of each affirmation, and use the card and your candle as an entry point to grounding your intention and guidance for the day to enhance the quality of your daily experience.
  3. Now, before you transition to your day, select a water blessing label. You have just centered yourself, connected with Spirit, and received guidance. Check out the words on you water blessing labels and feel which one is right for you. Again, if you are unfamiliar, our Water Blessing Labels® combines the power of intent and the power of words. They are inspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in regard to water’s inherent ability to respond to our thoughts as demonstrated through its molecular structure. These water blessing labels® are used to positively charge your water with the power of your intent to bring blessings to your life. With that said, consider selecting a word that pairs with the guidance you received. Or, consider selecting a word that affirms your intention. Pick a few different words! Place the water blessing labels on your water, phone, mirror, computer - all the places you find your eyes resting and reading throughout the day. While subtle, just glancing at the water blessing labels invites an opportunity for you to invoke the power of your intention set earlier in your morning to be present in everyday moments as the day unfolds. 

With just these few steps, you have started your day with a moment of self-love and self-care that can gracefully travel with you throughout your day. As you practice this more often, you may find those flashes of inspiration don’t have to fall by the wayside at all. They can take seed and grow by embellishing upon these three steps.