Boost Your Immune System with Essential Oils

During the course of normal living circumstances, it's always important to maintain a healthy and strong immune system. However, given the current pandemic, it's even more critical to be mindful of your health.

Stress, fear, anxiety, contribute to lowering the body's ability to function optimally. There are good habits to employ to counter stress including exercise and meditation.  But if you are looking for something to help boost your immune system without having to take action, as in "do" something, consider using essential oils. 

The following are our favorite essential oils for boosting the immune system, disinfecting spaces, and fighting off harmful bacteria. 

* Lemon Essential Oil
* Eucalyptus Essential Oil
* Rosemary Essential Oil
* Tea Tree Essential Oil
* Clove Bud Essential Oil
* Cinnamon Essential Oil

If asked which is our #1 favorite essential oil with power-packed immune-boosting antibacterial properties, it would be Thieves Essential Oil. As a bonus, we have the Thieves Essential Oil Roll-on for easy and portable use. 

Check out our essential oils and grab one of the last couple of Thieves Essential Oils we have in the studio today!